IfundIT Cookbook

Your guide to ifundIT at IBM

Why use ifundIT?

Benefits of Enterprise Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has exploded in the past several years, and with good reason - it works. IBM ifundIT harnesses the energy of public crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and reorients it for the enterprise context. It retains the crowd-sourced innovation of conventional crowdfunding, and engages users at all levels - employees, executives, and clients - but uses the power of enterprise capital and strategic capability to disrupt the corporate decision making process.

ifundIT can help you…

Impact your business by turning ideas into products and value

New ideas are the core of enterprise crowdfunding. With ifundIT, you can tap into the latent creative and problem-solving potential that already exists within your organization to generate real products, services, and solutions. ifundIT drives business value within your organization through social engagement, resulting in innovation, increased efficiency, and higher potential for growth.

Boost morale by letting the people closest to the problem figure out how to solve it

With ifundIT, employees in your organization become both innovators and critical decision makers. As part of "the crowd," they know that they make meaningful investment decisions, and feel empowered to know that their voice is being heard. This morale boost motivates innovation and allows the best and brightest to take leadership.

Create transparency by putting employees in the driver's seat

By shifting the decision making power from the top down, ifundIT makes investment decisions transparent and breaks down the traditional barriers between management and employees. With the crowd prioritizing and making decisions, nobody is left in the dark, and everyone can feel invested in the outcome.

Engage your workforce by getting everyone talking

ifundIT draws on the strength of the crowd, and encourages social sharing and collaboration. Innovators and investors are all part of a single unified community, and the most successful ideas emerge when people work together. ifundIT provides a fertile environment for cross-disciplinary contact, and brings experts from all different fields together to think and create. Enterprise crowdfunding is buzzworthy, invigorating, and inherently social - and ifundIT can inject these qualities into your organization's culture.

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