IfundIT Cookbook

Your guide to ifundIT at IBM

Successful ifundIT Projects

The ifundIT program has helped IBM boost employee engagement, drive cultural transformation, and disrupt conventional corporate decision-making. It's also generated some incredible projects that have resulted in new apps, and services that continue to grow and make an impact at IBM.

Here we've highlighted some of the most successful projects that have come out of ifundIT campaigns. They represent quite a diverse slice of the total funded projects, but they all share a defining trait: the support of the crowd enabled them to overcome obstacles that would have prevented them from being adopted in a conventional business funding model.


CoachMe is an easy-to-use website that connects IBMers willing to share expertise in their domain with IBMers in need of coaching support. Users can type a skill or topic into a search box, and find a list of coaches who have blocked off time in their schedules for coaching.

The CoachMe team submitted their idea to IBM ifundIT during the Mobile campaign back in 2014, with the hope of gaining the backing and budget needed to take the idea to development. Their project was funded, which gave it the financial support it needed to become a working mobile application for IBMers. Soon after, CoachMe moved to a website on IBM's Technology Adoption Program so all IBMers could benefit from using the tool. Today, it is replacing the Global Mentoring Program and is also partnering with several other corporate initiatives that help IBMers learn new skills and grow their professional development.

ACE: Appreciation, Coaching, and Evaluation

ACE, which stands for Appreciation, Coaching, and Evaluation, is an internal feedback and evaluation platform that has supported IBM's recent Agile transformation. It allows IBMers to solicit from and provide feedback to managers, teammates, and colleagues at the touch of a button. Envisioned as part of IBM's global updated performance review process, ACE encourages an Agile process of continual self-reflection and improvement.

ACE began its relationship with ifundIT in 2015, during the Spring into Bluemix campaign. Since ACE was already available as a web app, the ACE team submitted a project for a mobile app they had been working on. Their project was funded through ifundIT, and as a result completed development of the app. Now, the entire platform - web and mobile app together - are part of IBM's global strategy for its review system.

Call In

Call In is a mobile app that takes IBMers from calendar invite to conference call in seconds. The app syncs with the native calendar app on iOS and IBM Verse or IBM Traveler on Android to allow users to join conference calls on their mobile phones directly from a meeting invite or calendar event.

Call In came into the 2014 Mobile ifundIT campaign with an existing and functional mobile app, so their project focused on incorporating new features such as One Touch, context information, and Blue Pages participant links. Call In is now in use by IBMers all over the globe, who appreciate the simple, effective, quality-of-life improvement the app adds to their workflow.


ParkUp is a mobile app that was developed by IBMers in Madrid facing a universal problem: finding parking. The IBM office in Madrid has reserved parking spots in a designated lot, but the lot frequently had spots go unused as employees traveled for business, vacation, or worked from home. To solve this problem, ParkUp provides users the ability to list their spots for others when they know they won't need them, allowing their colleagues to "book" them, maximizing parking potential and saving everyone time and money.

The ParkUp team took their idea to the 2014 Mobile ifundIT campaign, and met with resounding success. Following its implementation in Madrid, ParkUp won a Client Value Outstanding Technical Achievement Award in 2015. Since then the app has been adopted in Warsaw, Poland, with expansion in the works for the Czech Republic and Bulgaria. For IBM employees, to see if ParkUp can be implemented in your city, search for the ParkUp Community on w3 Connections.

IBM Map2Meetings

IBM Maps2Meetings is a collection of three separate platforms: Global Maps with Mobile Site Serv/ Room Finder and Smart Conference Reservation & Facilities Management. Global Maps in particular aims to help IBMers who travel to unfamiliar offices find the location of the office and navigate to their meeting room.

Each of the three components of Map2Meetings got its start during the 2014 Mobile campaign, and joined together during development. The unified platform has seen niche usage in Brazil, however, Global Maps and Room finder is being used globally.

Tech Support for Clients

Tech Support for Clients is a mobile app that lets IBM customers access technical support content and functions for all of their IBM products. It serves as a hub for viewing support documentation, customer support plans, warranty information, and if needed, for contacting IBM customer service representatives with geo-location assistance and click-to-call.

Tech Support for Clients was an original project submitted during the 2014 Mobile ifundIT campaign. It is externally available for both iOS and Android, and is a fully-featured client-facing solution in CIO's Technical Support strategy.