IfundIT Cookbook

Your guide to ifundIT at IBM

Helpful Materials

For Participants

Project Submission Checklist

This checklist will help your innovators learn what it takes to submit a successful ifundIT project, and guide them through the process of making their own project informative, eye-catching, and attractive to a potential investor.

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Promoting your Project Guide

This guide will help your innovators learn strategies they can use to promote their project after it has been reviewed and accepted.

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Review Team Training Guide

Distribute this slide deck among the members of your Review Team to give them a generalized crash course on what to look for in a project, as well as what to do in the case of any red flags.

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For You (The Campaign Admin)

Campaign Configuration Checklist

This checklist will walk you through each of the steps of configuring, initiating, and running an ifundIT campaign, and break down the suggested ownership of each task among the members of your team.

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Campaign Wrap-Up Guide

This guide will give you some pointers on what to do when you're ready to close out your ifundIT campaign, and help you find ways to "package up" the business value generated by your campaign.

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ifundIT Admin Guide

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