IfundIT Cookbook

Your guide to ifundIT at IBM

Use Cases for Enterprise Crowdfunding

ifundIT was created within IBM's CIO to disrupt the conventional mode of decision making in IT spending - hence the "IT" in "ifundIT." As recent campaigns have proven, enterprise crowdfunding is applicable across a wide variety of use cases beyond IT. We have identified three primary categories of use case: Building New Ideas, Maintaining Existing Portfolios, and Improving Existing Portfolios.

These are only a few potential use cases for ifundIT, and may not mesh with the goals your organization has in mind for a campaign. If that happens to be the case, not to worry! ifundIT is a flexible platform, and our team is more than happy to work with you to iron out the specifics of the campaign that will best fit your needs.

Building New Ideas

The classic public crowdfunding mode almost exclusively exists in this category, which focuses on generating new ideas, products, and services.  A key difference with enterprise crowdfunding, however, is that investors don't just wait to hear back after a project they invested in has been funded; they can count on their organization to follow up and develop the project into the next phase, because they know the organization's funding is invested.

  • New idea generation
  • New product/process development
  • Proof of concept/prototype creation

Maintaining Existing Portfolios

In addition to new ideas, ifundIT can also be a vehicle for decision making and upkeep of existing products and services. While this requires a more targeted, narrowly focused setting, giving the crowd the ability to evaluate existing ideas can potentially generate just as much value as drawing on them for new ones.

  • Product redesign
  • Product lifecycle support - deciding which existing products receive support or are sunset
  • Existing idea evaluation - using the crowd to evaluate pre-existing ideas

Improving Existing Portfolios

ifundIT can both drive the creation of new ideas as well as accelerate the maintenance of existing ones. It can even do both at the same time - by using the power of the crowd to source new additions or improvements to the foundations of existing ideas. By improving on established projects, ifundIT can help your organization draw on the collective wisdom of its innovators and the people closest to the product/process, to while retaining tight control over the focus of that wisdom.

  • New feature requests
  • Policy changes
  • Product/process simplification

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